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*Eligibility of the Programme:-

The Programme has been specially designed for those Aspirants who want to realize their dreams with existing Job Responsibility.

*Features of Programme:

  • It is 400-hours meticulously designed foundation programme, consisting of three components
    • Main oriented lecture sessions (To be conducted on Saturday/ Sunday and Public holidays).
    • Main oriented class assignments and test series projects (16 tests are to be conducted under systematic schedule).
    • Personality Enrichment Session (After Main Examination).
  • The well designed updated Study Materials (organized into 10 volumes) are to be provided for enrichment of information. Also the Indian Journal Of Public Administration (IIPA Journal) and other contemporary material in classified and analytical form shall be provided.
  • Special Personal counseling for students, having no background of public Administration.
  • The Classroom Lecture session incorporates programmed learning process for better conceptualization, contemporary changes including recent case histories, reforms and government’s initiatives, taken place in Public Administration and competitive components behind Public Administration as an Optional for the main examination.

* Implementation of the Programme

  • The Classroom Lecture Programme shall be temporally designed as:
S.No.Topic of SyllabusTime AllocatedFaculty Concerned
1.Strategic Approach for Preparation02 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta


            PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PAPER-I ( Administrative Theory)
S.No.Topic of SyllabusTime AllocatedFaculty Concerned
1.An Introduction to Public Admn.15 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
2.Administrative Thoughts45 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
3.Administrative Behaviour12 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
4.Organisations10 HoursMr. R. Shreedhar
5.Accountability & Control14 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
6.Administrative Law10 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
7.Comparative Public Admn.15 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
8.Development Dynamics15 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
9.Personnel Administration12 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
10.Public Policy10 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
11.Techniques of Adm. Improvement10 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
12.Financial Administration12 HoursMr. Sachin Mittal


            PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PAPER-II ( Indian Administration)
S.No.Topic of SyllabusTime AllocatedFaculty Concerned
1.Evolution of Indian Administration10 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
2.Constitutional  Frameworks18 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
3.Public Sector Undertakings10 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
4.Union Government & Admin.22 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
5.Plans and Priorities10 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
6.State Government & Admin.14 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
7.District Administration10 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
8.Civil Services12 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
9.Financial Management12 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
10.Administrative Reforms10 HoursMr.Ashutosh Singh
11.Rural development14 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
12.Urban Local Government14 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta
13.Law and Order Administration12 HoursCol. S.D. Pandey
14.Significant Issue Areas12 HoursMr. Sunil Gupta


  • The Main Test Series Programme shall be temporally designed as:

Public Administration Paper-I

Test Code

Contents of the Test

DurationMarks Allocated
QEP(M)PA-1/T-1·   An introduction to Public Administration

·   Administrative Thought {Scientific Management Theory(SMT)}

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-1/T-2·   Administrative Thought ( Except SMT)3 Hours250 Marks


·   Administrative Behavior

·   Organizations

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-1/T-4·   Accountability & Control

·   Administrative Law

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-1/T-5·   Techniques of Administrative Improvement

·   Comparative Public Administration

·   Development Dynamics

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-1/T-6·   Public Policy

·   Personnel Administration

·   Financial Administration

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-1/T-7Composite Test-13 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-1/T-8Composite Test-23 Hours250 Marks

Public Administration Paper-II

Test Code

Contents of the Test

Date of testTiming of test
QEP(M)/PA-II T-1·   Union Government & Administration

·   Public Sector Undertakings

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M/)PA-II/T-2·   State Government & Administration

·   Philosophical and Constitutional Framework


3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-II/T-3·   Evolution of Indian Administration

·   Plans and Priorities

·   District Administration since Independence

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-II/T-4·   Civil Services

·   Financial Management

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-II/T-5·   Administrative Reforms since Independence

·   Rural Development

·   Urban Local Government

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-II/T-6·   Law and Order Administration

·   Significant issues in Indian Administration.

3 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-II/T-7Composite Test-13 Hours250 Marks
QEP(M)/PA-II/T-8Composite Test-23 Hours250 Marks


* Batch strength: – 70.


*Programme Director: – Mr. Sunil Gupta.


* Registration opens:  (Strictly on the First Come.. First Served Basis)

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