About Us

About Inspiration IAS Academy


The Academy, since 2004 , has established its identity as One of the best Institution that provides Pre-selection training to Aspirants of Civil services’ Examination. The academy stands its prominent presence by the dignified achievements as reflected in

  • All India Rank-1: Shubhra Saxena
  • All India Rank-3: V. Varun Kumar
  • All India Rank-5: Ruchika Katyal
  • All India Rank-6: Ravi Dhawan
  • All India Rank-7: Tarun Pithode

The Academy imparts the coaching services to aspirants in General Studies both in prelims as well as Main Examination and Public Administration as an Optional Paper. The Academy while implementing the Programme adopts four Pillars of Teaching approach:

  • Learner- Centred Approach
  • Interactive influencing Approach
  • Content focussed Approach
  • Examination Oriented Approach

The motto of the Academy is “ Your Success, Our Achievement”. So It invites all dedicated & Committed Aspirants to be a member of the Inspiration Family. We encourages to observe “Guru- Shishya Parampara” and so we have Inspiration Alumni Association (INSAA) to sustain interaction even after being an empowered Indian Bureaucrat.